Fun Sniffer Dog Training For Pet Dogs

Embark on an exciting adventure with our sniffer dog training workshops and classes! Unleash your dog’s potential as they develop keen scent detection skills and foster a stronger bond with you. Ready for a pawsitively enriching experience? Book a workshop now!

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Sniffer Dog Training Workshops for Pet Dogs

Your dog’s nose is his most powerful sense. Sniffing opens up a whole adventure! Just think – a dog’s nose is over 40-times more powerful than ours…

Whether you want to create a deeper bond with your dog or aim to work with him to be an assistance dog, Sniffer dog workshops with DW Dogs is an ideal way to start and have fun with your dog. Scent detection training classes and workshops are facilitated by Dionne Worth, a professional dog trainer and canine behaviour specialist.

We have access to indoor facilities – ideal for winter fun with your dog!

Unless otherwise stated, our training locations have full disabled access, toilets, kitchen, parking and outdoor access for doggy breaks. All our sniffer dog workshops and classes are designed for pet dogs of all sizes and breeds.

What Dogs Can Do Sniffer Dog Training?

8 sniffer dog training scent detection workshop attendees with their dogs showing the certificates at Battle Guide Hall and Playing Fields East Sussex

Sniffer dog training is suitable for all types of dogs and dog owners and carers! Your dog may not be tracking down criminals or detecting illegal substances, but becoming a doggy detective is a fun way to engage your dog’s brain. All types of dogs can learn scent detection techniques – all they need is a nose!

From family dogs, to rescue dogs, to working dogs…
sniffer dog training is for you if:

  • you want to build a closer relationship and bond with your dog
  • you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your dog
  • your dog gets bored easily
  • your dog can be boisterous and doesn’t tire even on the longest of walks!
  • you need a gentler exercise option for you or your dog
  • your dog is recovering form surgery or injury and needs light exercise
  • you have a working breed dog who needs plenty of mental stimulation
  • you want to build up your self-esteem handling your dog
  • you’re interested in learning and dog training techniques

Sniffer dog training is for people and dogs of all types, all backgrounds, and all abilities!

Our workshops and courses are suitable for people of all abilities, PAs and assistance dogs are very welcome. Just let us know your requirements before you book your place.

Black Labrador puppy sniffing a Kong in a garden while doing scent detection training
Dionne Worth

Dionne Worth

Scent Detection Instructor

I am a certified Sniffer Dogs Instructor, dedicated to strengthening the connection between dogs and their handlers. I offer engaging scent detection training workshops, classes, suitable for dogs and handlers of all abilities

Sniffer Dog Training Workshops, Classes and Trials

We hold regular sniffer dog scent detection workshops and classes and have access to indoor training through the winter!

Want to hold your own private group sniffer dog workshop? Get in touch!

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black labradoe sniffing a yellow rucksack in a field. Scent detection training workshop

SniffStart Introduction Sniffer Dog Scent Detection Workshop

Introduction to scent training. This workshop is the first step to becoming a doggy detective and handler!

You will need:


A dog with a nose


Your dog’s favourite toy and treats


Dog harness, flat collar and lead


A red Kong


Somewhere for your dog to rest – a blanket, mat or crate

You’ll learn the basics of scent training and techniques and exercises you can practice with your dog. This workshop will show you how to train your dog passive indication on a target odour. All our dog training methods use positive reinforcement.

Completion of the Introduction Level Sniffer Dog Scent Training Workshop will allow you to take part in Intermediate Level and additional sniffer dog classes.

SniffQuest: Sniffer Dog Scent Detection Workshop

The  SniffQuest Sniffer Dog training workshop continues the scent detection programme. Dogs and dog owners/handlers must complete the SniffStart Introduction Workshop before taking part.

This workshop focuses on distance indications and more complicated searches such as line-ups and vehicle searches.

You’ll practice off-leash distance detection of a target odour.

SniffCraft Sniffer Dog Scent Detection Workshop

Take your dog’s scent skills to the next level with the SniffCraft Sniffer Dog Training Workshop, extending their journey in our engaging scent detection training programme.

Completion of the SniffStart and SniffQuest workshops is essential before taking part.

This fun workshop introduces your dog to a new scent, active and passive searches, new targets and novel areas to really encourage your dog to use their natural sniff and scent detection instincts.

SniffMasters: Sniffer Dog Scent Detection Workshop

Step up your dog’s training with the SniffMasters Sniffer Dog Workshop, building upon the scent detection programme. Prior completion of the SniffCraft workshop is required.

This fun workshop introduces your dog to another new scent, new search areas and environments, and more new targets to really challenge your dog’s scent detection abilities!


“Myself and Mac have completed Dionne’s sniffer training bronze level 1. It has been an amazing seven week journey.

Mac is a 15 month old lurcher who wants to play and say hello to everybody, I’m also not the most confident owner.

Dionne and the sniffer training classes have been fantastic. Mac is focused during class, he’s stimulating his brain and using his instincts. It is an activity that we do together as a team, it has strengthened our bond, increased our trust and given me confidence in myself and in Mac.

It’s has taught me a lot about our body language, and the interactions between Mac and myself. I simply can’t praise Dionne enough for her patient, calm and encouraging teaching.

Most of all it’s amazing and fun. Week by week you can’t believe what your dog can achieve with his nose, and how much you both progress.

Already signed up for level two, no stopping us now.”

— Jo and Mac

Frequently Asked Sniffer and Scent Training Questions

Can I train my dog to be a sniffer dog?

Yes! Scentwork is a great way to train your pet dog. While your dog may not be a "professional" sniffer dog, scent work trials and tracking are fun sports for both you and your dog.
All dogs have natural sniffing skills, although not all dogs would make suitable working dogs.
Our workshops and classes have welcomed various breeds from pugs, dachshunds, and Frenchies (not what you would consider "natural" sniffer dogs!) through to more "typical" working dogs such as German shepherds and collies.

I have disabilities, can I take part in sniffer dog workshops?

Yes! All sniffer dog workshops, classes and trials hosted by DW Dogs can be adapted for people of all abilities. PAs and assistance dogs are welcome to attend with you. Please contact us before booking so we can ensure your needs are met.

My dog is reactive, can I attend the sniffer dog training classes or workshops?

Scent work is a really good exercise for reactive dogs. It helps shift their focus from whatever their trigger and helps build their confidence. Group sniffer dog training workshops and classes are not designed for dog reactive dogs. Please contact us before booking any group workshop or class. Private sniffer dog training is also available.

My dog is blind or deaf can we take part in the sniffer dog training classes or workshops?

Yes! Blind or deaf dogs rely heavily on their other senses including their nose. Scent work is a brilliant training for these dogs and fun to take part with their handlers too!

Can I bring 2 dogs to your scent training workshops?

The workshops run on a 1 dog to 1 handler basis. Handlers must be over 16 years of age.

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